Extreme mass finishing

I’m looking forward to Judy’s revised book becoming available…the sooner the better!
I haven’t found an answer to this question: can mass finishing achieve extreme cutting (I’m not concerned about losing detail).
Imagine reducing silver cubes to lumps with no sharp corners or edges…sort of like beach pebbles. Thanks

Hey John - have you ever tried to put all you know on paper?
Anyway - not long ago I saw a post on facebook from someone who let a very aggressive media run overnight in a rotary tumbler. The earring post was half its original size.
So the answer is yes - pick an aggressive media and run for a long time in a vibratory tumbler. If you want to try - the most aggressive cutting media commonly available is silicon carbide. Get it in a very heavy weight. Or use ceramic cutting media. Or even add pumice to abrasive media - can’t run that flow-thru… Look at the media for finishing stainless steel in the rectangular vibratory tumblers.
Judy H

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Thanks, Judy. I appreciate your sharing your knowledge!

(Re: me putting all I know on paper… in my case it wouldn’t take too long…)

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