[Expo] [NY] Mjsa Expo New York

Meet the Experts this Sunday and Monday!

Attention all Orchid members - I would like to invite you to Expo
New York this Sunday, Monday and Tuesday as VIP’s!

If you are interested in attending, please click here to register
for your VIP Orchid Member badge.

Expo has over 50 companies showcasing the latest tools and
equipment, 23 stone dealers and 45 companies specializing in chain,
findings, and contractservices! Like a kid in a candy shop. right??
I know I am a metalsmith too!

We also have two days of seminars and Journal Live: Face-to-Face
with industry Experts!

Throughout MJSA Journal Live, the magazine’s resident authors and
experts will be on hand to discuss the latest developments in
jewelry making and design, as well as how to capitalize on them for
success. Bench and casting techniques, CAD/CAM and web technologies,
inventory management and cost control-whatever technical and
business insights you need, an expert will be there to discuss.

Here is a full schedule.

I hope you enjoy Expo New York!
Corrie Silvia
Director of Business Development

Looking forward to it. I will be bringing all four of my craftsmen.

Steve Walker