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Explaining Brownpolymer

This is for all user of Brownpolymer what would you say if you had to
Discribe what this stuff is. I’m contacting Rio Grande to have in
there sales. But Have no idea what use to call it, with out scaring
them. Is it a lube/ a protective coating/ a Polish/ A Wax/ A Cleaner
or all above. What would a write up say if you had to do this. Any
body that used this stuff has come up with so many uses. any body
that could help write a letter explaining Brownpolymer. Please help!

Thanks Randy
AKA Enjen Joes

From your message I infer that you have something to do with this
stuff. For those of us who have not used “Brownpolymer” what would
you say it is?

For those of us who have not used "Brownpolymer" what would you say
it is? 

It’s an incredible substance which I would best describe as a sort
of cutting wax.

I use it on drill bits and burrs, saw blades and especially gravers.
It also will do a bang-up job preventing rust on steel tools and is a
fine lubricant for things that regular oil would mess up like GRS’s
Dual Angle sharpening fixture which has plastic parts that rub
together and tend to be rather stiff. I disassembled my GRS tool
aforementioned and applied an ultra thin coating of Brown’s Polymer
to the surfaces required and it’s so smooth, like butter!

Yes I’m the owner of Brownpolymer. It’s just that this stuff can be
used as a lube/ a grease/ or a protective coating plus as a polish or
cleaner. But try to describe it with few words I not sure how. But
anybody they has tried has come up with so many use it becomes hard
to describe.

Thanks Randy
AKA Enjen Joes

Way - el, if you invented it and you can’t describe it, then you’ve
got a bit of a problem, don’t you? If you can’t explain it, I don’t
know how I can.

If it can be used for all those things, then just describe all of
those things. It’s amazing, it’s a lube, it’s a grease, it’s a
protective coating, but wait folks, there’s more! By golly it’s also
a polish and cleaner! Buy this and you can throw away 20 other

Hire a professional writer. Or at least have a good friend interview
you, draw out of you these things that you know but cannot express.

Re name your product.

Polymer makes me think polymer clay, which your product is not, so
that is confusing.

Brown makes me think dirt, low value, etc. Nothing good.

You need an elevator speech. You have to be able to describe your
product in a 30 second elevator ride.

Mine for example, is below, my website provides hard to find tools
for metal clay. I can also explain each of my products with an
elevator speech.


Elaine Luther
Metalsmith, Certified PMC Instructor
Hard to Find Tools for Metal Clay

Elaine gave a number of good points, however before Implementing or
selling your product, you need to hire a professional to write a

No supplier such as Rio will resell a product if you cannot provide
a MSDS. This is not my opinion, it is the Law in Both Canada and the

As Elaine mentioned sit down with a product marketing specialist to
look into both naming and packaging. The pennies spent will pay back
in many many dollars to the penny spent.

Just my 2 cents

What I’m looking for are as fewest words to describes my product with
out naming every details. The Brownpolymer was named by the
Universities that tested the compound and found it was a polymer.
But I didn’t realize that they use the inventers name and what the
compound is. My name is Brown and its a polymer. He said Because it
had not been invented before That the name it gets. And it has to be
so someone can look up the compound for the MSDS Sheets and more
Info The compound Chemical make up is a trade secret. What I’m
looking for is a new trade name not the compound name to use that
best describes the product with one or two words and not get into
copy right war.

Thanks Randy
AKA Enjen Joes

OK - you are working too hard on this - why not just call it
Enjenjoses polymer - it lubricates, it polishes, it does all the
stuff. A simple multi-purpose tool - End of elevator speech.

Judy Hoch

Hey Folks–In my view Randy has one hell of a good product and I
sense that he’s a gentle person. He’s asked for our help so let’s
don’t pick on him, let’s try to help.

How 'bout: “LUBE-IT, whether you’re lubricating, cleaning or
protecting; this stuff it IT!”

Let’s get creative.

Dr. Mac

I have Msds sheets already. the naming it is the problem not so much
the trade name as is Enjen Joes.Is this a universal lube, a wax I’m
looking for a generic term that best describe it. If I had a lot a
money, which I don’t I could hire these people. This product was
created in my kitchen with little funds. My got a lot of free help
from different agency’s. I was able to get it tested and Free advice
on selling. But when a product that’s be used for so many different
uses. How and what do you call it.

Thanks Randy
AKA Enjen Joes

I vote for Brown’s Snake Oil


Brown’s All Purpose Cutting Oil

Hello Randy/EnjenJoe,

Your mystery stuff is “slick as snot”, but “snot” is probably not an
acceptable name. :slight_smile: Too bad. I like using “EnjenJoe” (one word) as
part of your description. How about “EnjenJoe’s Slick Wax, Lubricant
and Protectant.” Small print can give applications and instructions.

Judy in Kansas

How about calling it ‘Universal Goo’ ?

Best wishes,
Ian W. Wright
Sheffield UK

Hi Randy,

I can’t understand why the product name is also supposed to describe
its use. “WD-40” says nothing to the buyer about what it does.
Polymer means polymer clay to Elaine but it means plastic to me. You
can go anywhere with a name. Buckminsterfullerene was popularized
with the name “bucky ball”. Here are my suggestions for a wax, lube,
polish, cleaning product. Maybe we can score a free sample for our
efforts. “joe-polymer” (rhymes with copolymer), “pika pika goo”,
“rake-90”, “poli-WOG”, “nu-tech wampum”, “phat6”, come to think of
it, you probably could get a product name from a chat room user ID.
Good luck with your project!


How about " engen joes miracle stuff " or " Brown’s magic lube" ?
and when are we going to be able to get it in Australia?

cheers, Christine

Sounds like “Solve-All” would be a good name.


We will ship to Australia /UK / Sauda Arabia Just tell us the size
and we will tell you the price with the shipping. I like you Idea
but There copy righted Miracle stuff and magic lube that what the
problem i’m having coming up with a name that free of copy right.

Thanks Randy
AKA Enjen joes