Experimenting with Resin

I just started ‘really’ experimenting with resins and am excited
about the possiblities but I too have a question about resin: Which
one is sturdy, crystal clear, and bubble free? I am very happy with
them for when I add dyes but I have a ‘pet project’ I really really
want to move forward with. I have tried polyester, exopy, and
polyurethane resins- and I’m not entirely happy with any.

  • My epoxy has a very very slight yellowish hue (which my dealer
    told me all expoxies will have) and minute bubbles but good clarity

  • the polyester has a lovely bluish hue naturally but is slightly
    translucent and is rather perfect but it is brittle

  • the polyurethane is perfect as a solid form or rock-like top
    coating but layers seem to create bubbles under imbedded objects
    trhat only appear after a few days.

So, I was wondering if anybody knows of a crystal clear,
non-yellowish (any other hue though), bubble free and hard resin? -
perferrably one with a supplier in Canada even even (dare I hope) in
Vancouver. I might be doing something wrong somehow but I don’t
really think so. I also want something sturdy enough that it can be
thrown or dropped without breaking.

I would be happy with the epoxy if it weren’t for the slight bubbles
and was told that a vibratory table could help with this but would
rather just see if I have other options. I feel like goldilocks
without the third bowl- I want the one that is ‘just right’.

This is my fist question, so hello and thanks

check with :


they have a B.C. distributor


To get bubble free you may need to pump the curing resin to a
vacuum or pressurize during the cure. I pressurize using a spray
painters pressure pot.

Near Seattle you can find help on epoxys at :

They are mostly into laminating resin use but if you register on
their site you can download their EPOXY BOOK.

You can find out about potting - casting resins here


And here for polyester casting resins: