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Experiment with modified blow-pipes

Someone please tell me if I’m being dangerous.

I want to experiment with modified blow-pipes. intention is to rig
compressed air, probably through pro air-brush hand-gear…a little
air brush compressor…various tipped guns, with a most sensitive flow

would it be worth mixing pre-mixed low % oxygen/air into the air
stream before it hits the standing flame?

I can see carving .999 Metals standing in the flame >with a needle-jet
of %oxy.

I want this because I want standing metals pre-heated to my want to
vary the stroke

please don’t flame me with get a torch stuff…I’m getting a Meco
soon enough.

this is different. I want this needle jet signature for sculptural

all constructive discussion and advice welcome.

thanks much,
choose love

Hi Jim,


What’s the final objective here? Are you thinking to flamecut
precious metal slabs the way you can flamecut large steel sculptures
with an oxy-lance?

(Sort of like chainsaw carving, only in steel, with fire. Cool to
watch (so to speak) but not exactly precise.)

If that really is where you’re going, you should be aware that most
non-ferris metals have radically higher heat transfer rates, which
makes it much harder to get localized spots up over the melting
point without getting the whole billet pretty much molten too,
especially if you keep it up for any length of time.

So while what you’re proposing isn’t inherently suicidal, you’re
likely to get molten metal all over the place, and unlikely to get a
result you’d want, at least if I understand what you’re proposing
correctly. (I sort of hope I’ve misunderstood somewhere…)

Definitely need more before I can offer more than a “you
wanna do what???” sort of answer.