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Experiment and contribution to Sue's jeweler friend in trouble

I sympathise with your friend. Lets try an experiment with orchid.
I will put up a brooch for auction. All proceeds to go to your
friend. The final buyer sends you the money. I send them the pin.
You post it on Orchid as an auction item. But let us not actually
use the Orchid list for this as it would add too much traffic,
Orchid is busy enough. We will use GemNet instead.

So, Hi all,

  1. lets make this a cross-mailing list event. There is a British
    mailing list called Gemnet which is fairly quiet most of the time.
    Let us use it as an ‘auction channel’-because this is actually one
    of the functions of Gemnet-comercial trade. In this way too we
    don’t clutter up Orchid with auction bids and comments.

All bids then are posted to GemNet.

Part of this experiment is in collaboration, we would ‘borrow’ the
Gemnet list for this auction-they have gem auctions on it
regularly. If we can use each other to mutual benefit (Orchid
members get a place to do comercial stuff and Gemnet gets a bunch
of new subscribers) then that is a positive. And we can combine
this experiment with a donation to a jeweller in trouble.

Here is the description of the pin that is up for grabs. A "Long
Pin’, brass, stainless steel, nickel plate, 24k gold plate, about
7-8 cm long. There is a central bead or boss. The design is that
of a 2000 year old stonesetting tool (see the articles on
stonesetting on the site to get a sense of the design.
While each one is different this is the closest I get to a
production line item at the moment. They normally retail at $130.00
�US. This is a nice pin and worth at least that much-take my word
on it. It has an unusual flexible stainless steel wire which can be
threaded in and out of the cloth which acts as the pinstem. It
comes with a signed set of post cards of my work.

To start bidding on the pin post your bid to Gemnet (you should
subscribe which will no doubt please them).

Anyone who wants to listen in to the bidding or check the bid
status should subscribe to Gemnet for this project.

I am going to start the bidding with a reserve price on my pin:
$40.00 US

To subscribe to Gemnet:

            Send a message:- To: Listserv@Ctadel.Net
            Subject: (Leave Blank)
            In the body of the message type
            subscribe GemNet-L

I will email a last call on bids when they slow down and wait 12
hours, then that person wins the pin. All proceeeds to Sue’s
jeweller friend. Then I mail the pin to the final bidder.