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Experience with Widget Supply

Just wondering if anyone’s ever used widget supply and if so how was
their service.


Widget Supply

Help others make informed buying decisions with Widget Supply. We
welcome your opinions and experiences with their products, ordering,
customer service and and over all satisfaction.

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Responding to Toni’s asking “if anyone’s ever used widget supply and
if so how was their service.”

Based on my limited experience (below), the service is great and,
when I next need to buy the kind of stuff they sell I plan to buy
from them.

In July 2006 I ordered their 15pc HSS Twist Drill Bits sets (1-2mm
and 0.3-1mm) and 2.25mm HSS Twist Drill Bit - 3/32" shank.

They shipped the bits, by Priority Mail to the US, the day I placed
the order. My micrometer says the size of the few bits I’ve used is
accurate (within what I think is the accuracy of the micrometer).
I’m drilling plastic, so I can’t speak to the life of the bits.

I found a typographical error on the website and contacted Widget by
email – I received a quick thank you.

Daniel Kamman

I have used Widgets since 2001 pay for priority mail otherwise it
can be slow they have a ton of items I can only get there. If yu need
something you don;t see ask as many of the jewelers tools he know
stocks are because i said hey can you get this?

I got my ring mandrel from him 9 bucks now howdy to that!

No affiliation just a happy long term customer.

Silver & Cameo Heritage Jewelry

I too have ordered from them and I have been happy in every way with
their service, speed, accuracy, price and quality.

John Dach