Experience with WaxMill system

Wondering if anyone has used the 3D WaxMill system CAD/CAM software
and their basic mill. If so, pros and cons compared to others. I
know the cost is quite a bit less but wondering about the finished
was for detail, etc. If anyone has used this and wants to call and
talk with me about it either pro/con/or things I need to think about
when considering this. <> I would appreciate input from those
experienced in the field.

Thanks. Holly

Holly! i have a 3dwaxmill and i love it. i bought another cnc
machine that i could not get to work after a year,i spent many hours
and money that was a waisted.Unless you have large amounts of cash
to throw around for a top end mill,this one works great.this would
make a great starter,then you could work your way up to a better cnc
if you needed to.you can look at the gallery on 3dwaxmill and see
what other jewelers are doing. Look at some of my wax’s at
www.customwaxworks.com you can email me for any other infomation i
can help you with. Good Luck!

Thanks to any who have responded to this. I would like to know any
limitations found with this mill and also the most beneficial things
people have found along with some of the things people have done
that others wouldn’t think this mill could do. I just can’t do the
Gemvision route at this time and really need some help.


you’ll be able todo most things with the mill and for the price is a
great start up i also believe that rolands jwx-10 is on sale for
around the 6000 range you should also check out the forum that i
mentioned before 3dcadjewelry.com