Experience with Victor torch


Thank you for being such an open community. I have been lurking for
a few years and have learned much.

I have been gifted an old Victor Micro Torch Kit (Miniature Welding
and Brazing Kit) Model M-175. I have searched on the internet for
about it, and have come up with nothing. It was gifted,
used, to my friend 30 yrs ago and has been sitting in the box ever
since. Does anyone know anything about this torch? I’m thinking I
should take it in to a welding place and get it checked out. Any info
will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Donna L.

Hi Donna, I happen to have the original booklet that goes with the
Victor miniature welding and brazing torch kit (had one 30 years ago)
and I could send it to you if you like -

kind regards,
Aleta Ford Baker