Experience with the EnSet engraver kit

Hello everyone

What is your experience with the EnSet engraver’s and stone setter’s
kit? I am increasingly doing more and more stone setting but I am not
a professional stone setter. I have been using the Foredom hammer
hand piece on a K1080 high speed micro motor some of the time. I have
had to keep unplugging the rotary hand piece to plug the hammer piece
and so on, which cannot be good for the motor plug anyway. I was
thinking of investing on the EnSet, if it’s a lot better and safer
for delicate stones and takes the strain off my wrist. The Foredom
hammer piece seems to be quite large for my hand and actually seems
to put quite a lot of strain on my wrist which has always been
painful anyway. Or are they more or less the same? Any ideas/
suggestions please?

Many thanks

I bought an Enset a couple of years ago, I got it primarily for
stonesetting under the microscope. The main advantage I would say
about it is control. If you are used to using a hammer and punch, the
Enset will leave one hand free to hold and adjust the work. It can be
set to run a single tap at a time, also powerful enough that I do not
have to thin down bezels as much as I used to.

I have done a bit of raising grains, and plain engraving, (still
learning that!) but I would say that it is a time saver if you are
doing a lot of small bezels. I have made steel and brass punches to
go in the holders, if you get one get extra tool holders, you will
use them up. Not selling them, just a happy customer, it is more
adjustable than I have had need for so far. The Leica microscopes are
very nice too! Contact Tira, she is very helpful, lots of videos on
the website. I am in the UK and it was an easy purchase.

Tim Blades