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Experience with Thailand's GIT lab?

Has anyone had experience with Gem and Jewelry Institute of
Thailand’s GIT lab?

They’re located in Bangkok and they sound good but I’ve had no
experience with them and they don’t have the high profile that GIA
and AGTA have established.

Any thoughts would be welcome!

Here’s their address:


Has anyone had experience with Gem and Jewelry Institute of
Thailand’s GIT lab?


GIT are arguably the primary laboratory in Thailand at the moment.
AIGS used to hold that honour once and are still good, however
perhaps GIT have taken over as the leader now (depends on who you
ask, I suppose). GIT is for instance a member of the LMHC (laboratory
manual harmonization committee along with the GIA, AGTA, SSEF,
Gubelin lab., Japanese Gemmological lab., and CISGEM). I don’t have
the relevant paperwork infront of me at the moment so cannot remember
if that is the correct name for the Japanese member.

GIT is therefore a well respected laboratory and their staff are all
gemmologists, doctors or professors or combination of these
qualifications. I would think you can be safe with their opinions and
they have most of the required equipment these days (not sure about
LIBS for Be-Treated corundum detection, but as they were involved in
the research into the treatment, I am sure they have a handle on
it!). As I am sure some would agree, just because a laboratory
doesn’t have a high profile, it doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t
know what they are doing, as I hope the above shows. I know you were
just asking and I thank you for that as now you have one opinion. I
am sure there are some Thai dealers out there who might give you the
local perspective, because since I work in a laboratory I tend to be
a little biased, but I also try to be truthful.

As an aside: Is anyone going to go to the GemmoBasel Gemmological
Colloquium organised by the SSEF between 29th April - 2nd May 2005 in
Basel Switzerland? It would be great to meet some Orchid members if
anyone is going.

Regards - Nick (Bahrain laboratory)

Hi Nick

Like you, I shall be there too as a guest speaker on ‘Jade and its
treatment’. Look forward to see you there.

As you already said well of GIT lab of Thailand, I think so too
because I am constantly in touch with their staff member over latest
gemological happening. They have the latest instrument and also staff
knowledge of gemology and also keeping up to date of gemology. They
are serving the trade well.

Far East Gem Lab

Thanks for your thoughts on GIT and AIGS, Nick!

Part of my interest in a Lab is the degree of public awareness
regarding that Lab…the degree of “Commercial Acceptability” of
its certificates. Seems like a poor way to evaluate a Lab
but,… I’m a merchant… so a lot of my decisions are
heavily influenced by the market-place.

GIA and AGTA figured that one out a long time ago and made sure to
position themselves as THE LAB as far as consumers in the US are

There’s a one-woman Lab in Colombo, Sri Lanka named “Lakshani Gem
Testing Laboratory”. The woman who runs it has had a lifetime of
experience separating heat treated from untreated sapphires and she
knows what’s she’s doing but most consumers outside of Sri Lanka
have never heard of her or her Lab so her certificates don’t carry
much weight.

Thanks again!