Experience with Spiroflame water torch

Has anyone used the Spiroflame water torch? I know that Giovanni
Corvaja in Todi, Italy does and he introduced it to me.

Jennifer Harris (formerly Friedman)
now residing in Pearland, TX

It is like any other water torch in that it is a relatively small
flame when compared to what you can do with a bottle gas torch. It is
clean and depending on the model the Spiroflame torches do produce
much larger flames than the other water torches sold to the jewelry
community. They are also very expensive.

James Binnion
James Binnion Metal Arts

I have a Spirflame that I was given, second hand, about five years
ago. It works like a dream, hopefully will go on forever. If I don’t
use it for a few days I have to clear the air out of the pipes
before it will light, but apart from that I have had no problems with
it. I fill up the MEK about once a year, and the distilled water even
less frequently.

Annette Petch