Experience with Rio's electrofoming equipment

I would like to set up an electroforming equipment in my studio and
I reserched some and I found out it seems not easy to set it up and
very expensive. I had some experiences doing electrofoming during
school and it’s been a while.

I found an equipment in Rio Grande with cheaper price but it seems
poor looking than I used to use in my school.

I am not sure it works well, I would like to here if any one have an
experience to use the Rio Grande electrofoming equipment. and also,
Is there any good idea or good tip for me?

Thank you.


I know nothing about Rio’s electroforming equipment but for an
absolutly great used industrial rectifier check out Don Morgan Co
they’re on the web. Inexpensive and most of their models are state-
of- the -art. Way better than the imprecise analog jobs you see all
over the jewelry suppliers. They will also give customer service and
will troubleshoot with you. Amazing! Usual disclaimer just a happy

I pieced my bath together thru many different suppliers. Most
expensive items were the rectifier and the anodes. Contact me off
list if you want more info.