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Experience with RhinoGold

Is anyone using the new jewelry design plug-in for Rhino called
RhinoGold? Is it similar to TechGems, or does it offer something new?
I’ve been looking into it on their website,, but
haven’t talked to anyone with experience.

I have had it for a couple of weeks. I have not had time to really
put it through its paces but it does have the feel of a less mature
product. That being said I have not found any major problems but
there does feel like there are some rough edges. I also have
TechGems so I can compare them. At this time I think RhinoGold is a
good plugin and has the potential to be great plugin. It feels like
it will occupy the space between Matrix and TechGems. It has more
modeling tools than TechGems but not nearly as sophisticated as
Matrix. You can get a free demo version from the RhinoGold website
try it you will probably like it.

James Binnion
James Binnion Metal Arts


I have been using RhinoGold for about two months now and find it to
be far superior to TechGems. Its ring wizard is much more versatile
and easier to use. I did find some kinks which I reported. They sent
me an updated version with the kinks iron out.