Experience with PUK3 Tack welders

I have considered buying a PUK 3 welding system to weld Argentium and
14k gold items. Does anyone have experience with one of these
machines? It seems to be a great modern alternative to traditional
soldering, but at almost $3000, is it worth the price? Thanks.


I have considered buying a PUK 3 welding... is it worth the price? 
  1. Get a hands on demo from someone who knows what they’re doing and
    is not associated with the manufacturer nor trying to sell you

  2. Buy a new one with a thirty day return privelege (Stuller for

  3. $3k makes a great down payment on a laser welder.

Les Brown
L.F.Brown Goldwork


I have purchased a PUK welder and am not please with it. You can
contact me directly for fuller details as I don’t want to flame
anybody on our forum.

Janet Alix