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Experience with power coping saw

I am wondering if anybody out there has ever used a jeweler’s scroll
saw (power coping saw).? Proxxon and MicroMark make them plus a
bunch of other companies.? With wrist joint issues am contemplating
one of these but can’t find any reviews anywhere.

Any input would be greatly appreciated.? Thank you–

Liane Redpath Worlund

I have one, made by MicroMark. It has not been very useful. It is a
pain to replace broken blades and you break a lot more with the
machine than by hand sawing. You have to turn the machine on it’s
side, for heaven’s sake, and reach into a deep recess with a tiny
socket hex key to unlock the inside end of the blade. Definitely
hobbyist quality. I am glad it was not expensive.

I bought it because I have carpal tunnel syndrome. It is really not
designed to cut metal, even thin metal, and it takes some doing
before you can figure out how to make it work. To avoid breaking
blades you have to go so slowly that I found it was better to just
saw by hand as usual and take a lot of breaks while sawing. I did
end up using it to cut blanks out of masonite for forming, though!
Plus for some precision carpentry molding work I was doing.

I don’t know about the Proxxon brand one.


I looked for and tried out several including a small one ‘made for
jewelry’. I was at Rio’s Catalog in Motion in Tucson in 2004 and was
considering buying one when a friend grabbed me and said “You have
to see this!” It was the Bonny Doon New Concept Saw. I was amazed! It
worked like a sewing machine, was straightforward to operate and I
could see myself using it.

Even more amazing was the lucky coincidence that I won the Orchid
Raffle that year and Lee had donated the saw. So, I have it in the
shop and it is one tool that doesn’t irritate the wrist/thumb
arthritis stuff. (Usual disclaimers - not employed/paid by Rio or
BonnyDoon - just love their stuff)

Susan Bucknam
Talisman Design


Regarding your question about a “power coping saw”. I suspect you
are asking about a scroll saw.

I got fed up with hand cutting the day I was working on a.060"
copper blank that had been etched prior to enameling. I’m merrily
sawing away when, on the down stroke, the blade broke and I left a
ding on the piece from the saw frame. I could not repair the ding
and had to start over.

What I purchased was a Hegner. I had seen it demonstrated on a
copper piece I supplied as well as a 1/4" thick piece of aluminum.
In each case the edge was true and so smooth that it required
little, if any, filing.

I like the fact that I can use my jewelers blades. I do not have to
purchase special blades for the saw. I regularly use from 2/0 to 6
depending on the cut and the material. I had a recent project that
required cutting 1/4" copper but I used a band saw for that.

I have seen the Hegners on ebay. More often wood workers use this
tool. It is very precision with variable speeds and is rated for
wood or metal. You may be able to garner more if you
happen to have a Scroll Saw club in your area. Those that own
Hegners are proud of their machines. Be warned that most of the
members will be working in wood.

The greatest plus is that I can no longer damage a piece if the
blade breaks.

Karla Mya Maxwell… from Sunny So. California

Thanks for your input on the micromark saw as it is definitely
advertised for cutting metal.? Glad I’ve not already purchased it.

Haven’t been able to find the one mentioned that was seen at
Rio…but will continue to look.? And if someone owns a metal
cutting scroll saw that they absolutely love, would appreciate
hearing about it.

Liane Redpath Worlund

Hello Liane,

Lee Marshall is the genius who came up with the power saw. I’ve
tried it and it is slick and so smooth to use. Now, where can it be
found? I’ve not found the source, so it’s time for Lee to let us know
the seller. Maybe it’s Rio Grande, but I don’t have a catalogue
handy. I do recall the price was about $1500.

Judy in Kansas, who really wants to know

I have a refurbished Dewalt Scroll Saw I purchased from an auction
site. With chronic tendonitis in my elbows, this saw has enabled me
to continue making Jewelry.

I have also seen a Ryobi (sp?) scroll saw demonstrated that looked
great for jewelry making.

It seems like one of the keys is to get one large enough so you
don’t have a vibration problem. My Dewalt has no vibration as it’s
big & heavy. I do have limited space, but was able to find a spot for

Besides using my regular jeweler’s saw blades in it, I can also use
any other type of blade needed to cut wood, plastic etc. Replacing
saw blades is simple, a large wing-nut type is released by hand & the
new blade slips right in. I don’t have a lot of blade breakage.

The Dewalt has a variable speed, & a blade tightener, so as you use
the blade, you can just move a lever & the blade tightens up. It also
comes with an air blower to keep your cutting area free of debris.
The table can be set at different angles. It has a large table area
so I can cut larger items on it.

Been using it for years, trouble free.

Just a happy happy!

Haven't been able to find the one mentioned that was seen at
Rio....but will continue to look.? And if someone owns a metal
cutting scroll saw that they absolutely love, would appreciate
hearing about it.

The saw that was mentioned as being seen at Rio (Tucson Catalog in
Motion) is called The New Concept Saw. I design and build saws and
this is just one of my saws. A comment that I received from Daniel
Brush (goldsmith extraordinaire):

“The New Concept Saw, designed by Lee Marshall, added a new
dimension to my work. Now I dream about what is possible with
intricate sawing. This toolprovides total control and better finish
than my hand sawing technique, all along with a most poetic machine
sound. I liked it so much after months of usage, I just bought
another one for a different location in the studio”. By the way, he
is doing filagree piercing on 1/8" thick stainless.

For more on this and other tooling, take a look at:

Lee Marshall

Hello Judy,

Now, where can it be found? I've not found the source, so it's time
for Lee to let us know the seller. Maybe it's Rio Grande, but I
don't have a catalogue handy. I do recall the price was about

Its called the “New Concept Saw” and can be found on page 99 of the
most recent Rio Grande tools catalog. Stock # is 115-062, price is

And yes it is a wonderful saw!


Thackeray Taylor
Rio Grande Technical Support
505-839-3000 ex 13903