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Experience with Pasadena Bead Show

I was wondering if anyone did this show this past year…I’m
thinking about doing it in 2008 (just got the materials… Pasadena
Bead Show.

if anyone’s interested…), and knew that there was some buzz last
year about doing it for the first time. Any thoughts? THX!

Barbara Louise

This show was not what I’d been led to believe by the promoters -
namely a high-end apparel and jewelry show. Although there were some
fine fiber and jewelry artists, there was at least one whole (large)
room of venders selling commercial products, including beads,
stringing materials, etc. The marketing was aimed at beaders or the
trade (including Ornament Magazine - do your customers read Ornament
Magazine?), in fact more than a few customers came in asking: “Where
are the beads?” My last comment is the cost - it is WAY too
expensive, more expensive in fact that many of the top art festivals
in the country. There are plenty of us looking for venues to sell our
work; this isn’t a show for my work.


This show was not what I'd been led to believe by the promoters -
namely a high-end apparel and jewelry show. 

I’ve never heard of this show, but the name seems like a tip-off. If
it’s called a bead show, people are going to come looking for beads.
My experience at bead shows (I teach at them) suggests that beaders
will look at finished work-- to see what ideas they can appropriate
for their own uses.Sadly, promoters will often tell you what you want
to hear-- they are trying to put together a show, and their interests
are not the same as yours.I recently walked a wholesale show, at the
invitation of the promoter, who went on telling me things as we
walked that were directly contradicted by what we were looking at.
Didn’t faze her a bit.



I am glad you responded the way you did. I have been approached
twice now for the show in Pasadena. Once for last year and the
timing just wasn’t right for me to consider it and again this year.

Thank you again,

jennifer friedman


I’d fly out and walk it first to see if it’s the right fit. I just
peeked at your website and based on what I’ve heard about it (living
5 mi from it), I think your work will be too “fine” for it. (your
work is beautiful, btw!) Have you heard of the contemporary arts
festival in Santa Monica? I think that would be a better fit- all
finished works of art, and no mention of the word “bead” in the
title. But, I would recommend walking that one as well before taking
the leap. only you know if a show is right for you.

good luck!