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Experience with paige torch tips

If anyone has used Paige tips in their Meco torch, I would
appreciate your letting me know what you thought of them. Following
is a link to their website. Rob

Rob Meixner

I have never heard of them, but the advertisement says nothing about
acetylene. I found my Meco in the basement of a house i was renting.
The basemen was flooded out, and I was told to toss everything and
keep what I wanted for the clean-up work. That was one of the few
things I kept. Cleaned the mud out of it, and hooked it to my
oxy/acetylene outfit (my gauges are very high quality, allowing for
the appropriate settings), and it worked fine. I had to buy new tips,
and since the torch was free I splurged. I am not sure whether these
are for acetylene only, but from meco through a local welding supply
house, I purchased 4 or 5 tips that all have either ruby or sapphire
inserts in the tips. This was thirty some years ago, so I would have
to see if I could find the literature to be sure. I use my Smith
plumber’s torch for most of my stuff even after all these years. The
tips look interesting, and if they work with acetylene I might try
them. Thomas III

I just got a set of Paige torch tips for my Meco midget torch. They
work very well. The smaller sizes are considerably easier to light
than my old ones. I’ve been using some very old Meco branded
ventilated tips and been frustrated in trying to replace my old #3.

Mr Paige has done us all a favor - his tips are machined rather than
two part assembly. To be very precise, the oxy flower around the gas
is visually slightly muted compared to the originals but I can deduce
no difference in performance. Here is the website for the Paige tips.

For those of you that use a Meco midget, these tips are so much more
versatile than the single orifice ones - I would highly recommend
that you try them. I use the torch both for gold and silver. While I
have a G-Tec concentrator for my natural gas now, I used the Meco
with ventilated tips exclusively when learning to do silver with the
low pressure residential natural gas.

I have yet to try the great big tips that Paige offers, I’m waiting
until I get the longer neck for the Meco, I don’t want to try and
hold it with that great big flame with the short neck. I’ll be doing
some alloying this weekend with the big tips and report the results.

Enjoy Labor day - the holiday season starts soon.

Judy Hoch

I just took delivery of set of Paige Meco Midget tips (#1 - #4 plus
the two rosebud tips). They all work well and have solved a number
of problems that I was having with the standard tips that came with
the Meco Midget Torch. This is a preliminary evaluation and I will
update it via Orchid. Paige is very easy to work with, their prices
are good and I look forward to working with them again. Rob

I don't want to try and hold it with that great big flame with the
short neck. 

I haven’t seen the tip you’re talking about, but I routinely use my
Meco with no tip at all-- just the open neck, the one it comes with.
It has not caused any problem that I’m aware of. True, I don’t have
reason to crank the gas way up, but I’m presuming a tip can’t produce
a bigger flame than I get with just the neck.


Hi Noel,

Let me introduce myself. I’m Richard Paille, owner of Paige Tools.

We produce special, multi-port Tips for the Meco Midget, Little Torch
& Hoke specifically for LP or Natural gas combined with oxygen.

I noticed your post on the Ganoksin site in reference to our Torch
Tips. Possibly you were referring to the powerful “MA” Tips in your
posting? Our MA Tips were designed to be attached to the standard
length neck on the Meco Midget. We also produce an extended neck for
the Meco but many people find it a bit long combined with the longer
flame size output of the MA Tips.

I’d like to pass along a word of caution about using your Meco
Midget (any Torch actually) without a Tip attached. Torches are
engineered to work within specific parameters of gas pressures and
gas volumes. The needle valves are designed to meter flow rates in
conjunction with attached Tips. Operating your Torch without a Tip
that meets the design parameters of the Torch is dangerous!

I believe you’re using LP gas & oxygen? Propane or natural gas
Torches preform much better with multi-port Tips than single hole
Tips. Without any Tip you are basically emulating a single hole
"Tip" with a very large diameter orifice that surpasses the design
criteria of the Torch. I would be glad to send you one of our MA
Tips (your choice, MA-1 or MA-2) for Free, shipping included. (MA-2
produces the largest flame) although the MA Tips were not designed
with a central hole, like our “M” series multi-port Tips, they
surpass the heat output of all Meco Midget, single Tips and greatly
improve flame profiles when burning LP or natural gas with oxygen.
MA Tips can also be used for soldering, annealing or melting. Some
Torch applications require flames to have a more focused central
cone so the M series Tips would be best. Our M-4, Tip produces about
the largest (central cone) flame the Meco Midget can correctly meter
burning the fuel gasses we support.

Use your Torch safely and keep a Tip attached!

Richard Paille