Experience with NYC Accessorie Circuit show


Has anyone had any experience with the Accessorie Circuit show in
NYC. I’m considering exhibiting and would love to hear what others
think about the show and what they have experienced, good and bad.
Also typical order volume to expect.


I have done the show and one thing I can say is don’t let them put
you in the artists section. I did that once there and it was not too
good. As jewelry people we have to compete with all types of jewelry
and that is where I want to be in the middle of all the other
vendors. I haven’t done the show for a few years due to health
reasons so as far as volume I wouldn’t know. I would say there is a
lower open to buy for most stores now and they are focusing on things
they KNOW will sell. If your selections are on target for the season
then they will buy. The mindset for the buyer is to have the right
style and quantity of goods at the right price and delivered at the
right time to hit the floor at the correct moment. With retailers it
is strictly the bottom line.


Hello is this the same as the old fasshion acessories show? I worked
for a company in the nineties that did that show and I would go to
walk it, they exihibited in the cash and carry section and did quite
well but that was long ago.

I too would like to know how people are doing at this show, as I
myself am thinking of doing it but NY is so expensive to do. Hotel,
food, etc etc.

I will be watching as well good post… Frankenstein

I don’t remember any cash and carry part of the show. They did have
sellers of supplies, stone and pearl dealers. I was probably
overlooking it though.

I had a problem with people photographing my booth. That is a real no
no for trade shows. At my first big trade show I had another vendor
tell me they didn’t want me to look at their work.


Hi Beth, sorry to respond so late to your post, been in jury duty
for 4 weeks and am finally coming up for air. Saw this topic and
wanted to chime in.

I’ve just started doing this show- I’m assuming that you (Beth) are
referring to “Accessorie Circuit” often referred to as simply
“Circuit” or “ENK”. (ENK is the promotor). Circuit is not to be
confused with “Accessories the Show” often held at the same time,

a different show. I’ve talked to loads of people that mistakenly
think that they are the same show. I think this might be happening
with some of the posts. Someone posted that there were beads and a
cash and carry section-- I can’t say what happened years ago, but in
the past few years there hasn’t been either. Perhaps people are
getting it confused with another show. There’s only a billion in NY
every year!

I’ve only done it twice, so I don’t have loads of experience with
it, but I can tell you I will definitely be back next year. Here is
my experience… others might have a different one…

First and foremost, it is not an art show. I’m not certain what kind
of jewelry you do, Beth, but if you fall heavily on the artsy or on
the traditional side it’s not the show for you. Think “designer”,
trendy and trend-setting jewelry. Some of the other exhibitors
you’ll see there are Jeanine Payer, Becky Kelso, Shasby, Padre
Vavra, Melissa Joy Manning, Yasuko Azuma. Fragments takes up a huge
section with Julez Bryant, Mizuki, etc… There is everything from
fine designer jewelry to $3.00 imported plastic earrings from China
to everything in between.

It is a fashion oriented show with some room for artistic license.
But you need to realize that it is trend focused. The typical buyer
is not your typical art gallery that you’ll find at Rosen or ACC,
but more of a jewelry store or boutique that you might see at JCK or

My price points were totally out of some buyer’s reach, while others
thought I was crazy to sell at such low prices and ordered

Here are some cons to think about:

  1. It’s expensive to do- the participation fee is $3200. alone. So
    even if you want to share a booth with someone, you’re in it for
    3200 plus the booth which starts at about 2200. then there’s any
    furniture or lights that you need which are all at NY prices.

  2. It’s three times a year. If you skip a time you go on the wait
    list. At least until you have seniority. I skipped a round- May
    (which I was told is very slow) due to a vacation already scheduled.
    I wound up on the wait list and found out that I was accepted into
    Aug at the last minute so spent an arm and a leg on airfare. Learned
    my lesson!

— so if it’s roughly $7,000 to do one show (with travel etc…)
you need to think “can I do that three times a year?”

  1. NY is expensive- hotels, food, etc…

  2. It’s hard to get into. I have a friend who has been waitlisted
    for a year.

I did not break even the first time around, but I did not expect to-
as with any show!!! If I break even the first time out I’m
thrilled, but I’m not devastated if I don’t, especially in this
economy. I had a large booth that I shared but there were other
expenses involved so it ended up being more expensive than going on
my own. Even with not breaking even, I had a good show, enough to
make me come back. I sold sterling and gold with diamonds (yay!) I
will say with the reorders I did end up making money so it was worth

I did not break even the second time around… but I did do better,
and came really close!!! Wrote some smallish orders and then some
much larger ones. Sold mostly sterling and 14K vermeil. Am still
working on those orders for holiday. Some orders were ASAP,
hopefully they will reorder. It won’t take much for me to break even.
Traffic was down from January and I spoke to some of the designers
that have been doing this show forever and they said it was really
really slow this Aug, that nobody was doing the numbers they

(A note on the break even #… I take all my expenses… shipping,
airfare, food, booth, electricity, EVERYTHING and that’s how much
the show cost me to do. Then I take my $$$ amount sold and subtract
my cost. The expenses come out of my profit. I’m only bringing this
up because I’ve spoken to a few artists recently that would only
include the booth fee in their expenses and/or not subtract their
cost of good sold to determine how they were really doing. Sorry if
I offend anyone!) However, the accounts that I picked up were good
accounts. Stores that are on my wish list actually ordered!!!
Fantastic! High end galleries that sell designer jewelry. I feel
like this show has put me in front of the buyers I wanted to be in
front of. It works for me.

I have done the show and one thing I can say is don't let them put
you in the artists section. I did that once there and it was not
too good. 

I’m not certain what the “artists” section is… there’s a “designer”
section that has designer jewelry, handbags (high-end) which I was
in this August. I have a girlfriend who wasn’t in the designer
section the first time she did the show and she only wrote one order.
She was across from imported goods that were low-end and tacky.
Depending on your product, if you are American made you belong in
the designer section. If not, like my friend, I’m afraid you’ll get
lost in the land of imports. She had to take what she could get her
first show, and then they moved her to a much better location.

Bottom line, I would walk it. It’s a very expensive show to do
without walking it first. I’ve seen it eat designers alive---- not
making your expenses can really be hard emotionally as well as
financially. What works for me isn’t going to work for everyone and
vice versa.

And remember… this is just my opinion!

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Thanks so much for sharing your experience with this show. I was
waiting to hear from a designer who actually participated there. I
walked the show (i live in NYC area) and had same feeling as you
described - it’s a Fashion World Jewelry. I suspect it must be
expensive, my guess was around 4K to participate but your 7K really
surprised me. I have a few questions for you:

  • Why sharing the booth was more expensive then going on your own?

  • Why some designers stay on a waiting list for a year?

  • Do you have a say where you want your booth to be? And can you
    refuse to participate if you put in a “wrong” spot as you described?

  • I understand that this show will not accept anyone who claims to
    be a jewelry designer and can pay a fee. What is the eligibility
    process? What requirements this show has for a jewelry designer?

Thanks so much for your insight and i will appreciate greatly if you
find time to answer my questions.

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