Experience with Morean Art Center in Saint Pete


I have the opportunity to take a class after having taught for 20
years I am looking forward to being on the other end. I hope to be
going to the Morean Art Center in Saint Pete, FL with instructor Tom
McCarthy. I need to further some skills: but was wonder for the
opportunity if there is something I should not pass up with this
instructor. Everyone at the arts center speaks highly of him and he
can do anything. I really do want to find out how to make silver
blue. Thanks in advance. Looking forward to the responses.


Tom was one of my earliest instructors. He really can do anything,
but - more importantly - he can teach you how to do it as well.
You’ll have fun learning whatever class you take with him. I’ve taken
his workshops on adding movement to pieces and fabricating clasps,
but along the way you pick up lots of helpful tips on all aspects of
the process of making jewelry.