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Experience with liquid mold rubbers

Does anyone work with the liquid mold rubbers? It seems like a simple
and fast solution that saves a lot of time and prevents any chance
that any air would remain in the mold. Is there a downside?

Thank god for Orchid!
Jonathan Silo

There is actually a higher likelihood of air remaining in an RTV
mold if it is an opaque material, than in a heat cured mold rubber.
If you use a clear RTV, you can usually move a bubble away from the
model with a straightened paper clip to reach down in the mold before
it starts to cure.

If you find pinholes or voids in other kinds of mold rubbers, you
have not trapped air in the mold. You have not packed enough rubber
in the mold frame.

Bill Mull
Zero-D Products, Inc.
precision engineered materials solutions

Hello Jonathan I wouldn’t use liquid for production molds unless you
are only going to pull a few waxes on them, for example just enough
to make some masters, I would use a vulcanized silicone, they are
easy to pack, you can use mica powder as a parting agent or teflon
pray, and it has a higher tear strength, and longer lifespan.