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Experience with LED Bench lamp


Anyone have experience with Dazors LED Bench Lamp OttoFrei sells
them for 315.00 and the Classic 3 Bulb Bench Lamp for 198.00 just
wondering if it is that much better/brighter etc…



Eric, check around because the lamp cost less else where. I think I
remember seeing one on Ebay, but I wasn’t looking for LED lights.

Unless I see and use an LED lamp I wouldn’t buy one.

I have an Ott Lamp, but to me the light isn’t what it is advertised
as, because for me it doesn’t give me true color or bright enough
either. But to each his own.



While I don’t have any experience with the lights you mention, I have
a great lighting alternative. I put two “flex shaft” hangers on
either side of my bench. I then took a regular two tube florescent
light fixture and hung it between the flex shaft holders. It
provides plenty of light for most everything…Teddy


I use a regular florescent bench lamp and a LED lamp. But I bought
my LED at Lowes for $20


Eric, I use one of their LED lamps… its ok but the light output
seems to fall off rapidly around the edge of the light field. Its a
good color of light and as I said, OK…but I don’t know if I’d buy
another one. The old three bulb seems to work a little better to me.
It just seems they jumped into the LED market without much thought.

Hope this helps. Dan

While I don't have any experience with the lights you mention, I
have a great lighting alternative. 

Yeah, me too. When the ballasts in my old three tube Dazor lamp blew
out, I went looking for either new ballasts (hard to find in small
quantities), or a new one. The new dazors are pricey indeed, but Otto
Frei just introduced a new imported three tube fluorescent lamp for
well under a hundred dollars (without checking I think it was about
80 bucks). It uses smaller diameter, but higher wattage full spectrum
lamps (so more light than the dazor), and is a well made lamp. I’m
quite happy with both the lamp, and the price I paid.

As for LED lamps in general, they’re getting better and better. I
recently upgraded the fluorescent ring lamp on my bench microscope to
the LED version. Brighter, truer colors. I’d guess that if the light
output on the bench lamp you’re looking at is in similar or higher
range to the fluorescent or other lamps you’re familier with, you’ll
be happy with the LED lamps. But to be sure, buy from a vendor that
will be willing to take it back if you’re not happy.

One possible thought that may apply for some. The LED lamps promise
a very long bulb life, thus presumably offsetting the higher initial
cost. But jewelers bench lamps may be subject to a stress that normal
office lamps are not. I know the old Dazor lamp I just replaced had
lots of various scorch marks on the lamp/bulb fixture, from getting
too close to a lit torch. I recall blowing out at least one of the
actual bulbs that way one time, and another bit the dust once when
hit by a fast moving bit of metal that the flex shaft had caught and
thrown at it. I rather expect that LED bulbs would not be immune to
that sort of abuse either, so how long your bench lamp will actually
last may be in part affected by how and where you use it.

Peter Rowe