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Experience with LaserStar laser welder

Does anyone have experience with LaserStar laser welders?

I have the compact model, purchased in September 2004. Looked at
several others. Chose LaserStar based on their training and service.
I have not had it long enough to say much about long-term issues, but
the training and followup has been excellent. It works great on
dissimilar materials. Since mixed metals are a big thing with me,
believe it or not, we actually talked about how mixed materials
should be marked in the training class, which is to say I asked the
instructor what he thought was fair and he insisted that the most
important thing was to get the right settings so that you get a good
deep weld that doesn’t break.

No regrets about buying the LaserStar. I still do a lot more
soldering than most laser owners, but that is the nature of my work
rather than any shortcommings of the equipment.

Stephen Walker