Experience with jool tool

I just saw a new piece of equipment called the Jool Tool. Has anyone
tried one? If so did you like it? Thanks.


Great polishing tool, doesn’t use the regular buffs, but 3M
products. There are wood grinders made like this. You hold your piece
under the buff and watch what you are doing. You can also grind and
polish stones. I uses some of the same 3M polishers that I use on my
flexible shaft or on my polishing motor, just a different way of
working without the muslim dust.

Ventura, Ca

I have worked with my Jooltool nearly every day in my studio for
over 6 years and it is still one of my favorite tools. The ability to
see the surface of the metal as you work is great and with the
tapered threaded spindle you can work with nearly any polishing or
finishing wheel under 3 inches in diameter. I also love the variable
speed for different wheels and applied finishes on the metal.


Is there a difference between the Jool Tool and any other vertical
split lap system?