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Experience with HP digital cam for jewelry pics?

Folks, I know that many of you prefer the Nikon Coolpix series of
digital cameras for its macro capability. However, I have an
opportunity to get a really good deal on an HP 945 Digital Camera,
which I’m seriously considering - it would be half the price of the
Nikon 5400 which is the closest competitor in megapixels and macro
capability that I can find.

Before I do, though, I’d love to know some things from anyone who
actually uses it for photographing their jewelry. Do any of you use
it for jewelry pics? Particularly with the Cloud Dome mounting?

Here’s what I know of it that makes me think it might be suitable
both for web pics and for slides:

  • 2608x 1952 pixel resolution
  • 5.3 megapixel total resolution
  • 56x total zoom (8x optical with a Fuji lens)
  • focus options of normal, macro, infinity or manual
  • focal range of 100mm to infinity ( 0.1m - 1m macro)
  • can go with fully manual control of aperture, shutter, etc., or go
    fully automatic

So… What experiences do you have with this camera, or what do you
see in these specs that might cause problems for shooting jewelry.

Many thanks!
Karen Goeller
Hand-crafted artisan jewelry

Specs can be misleading. Ask to see photos of the type of work you
intend to use it for. Evaluate those photos carefully. If they
suite you, then go for it. Don’t believe I’ve ever heard anybody
recommend an HP.


Karen-- A tenth of a meter is 10 centimeters or about four inches.
This is close enough for larger jewelry pieces but I don’t think
it’s close enough for, say, a finger ring, small earring or tiny
pendant. Check the internet for a better price on a Nikon. Or eBay.
Also consider a Sony MVC-CD500, which will focus to about 4
centimeters, approximately 1-5/8 inch. The latter can range in price
from about $550 to $1100 on the internet!! So be sure you have a
good price. The Sony is a 5 megapixel camera, and it puts your image
on a mini-CD. The CD can serve as your storage device, permanent or
temporary. You can transfer the image to your computer via the CD or
through a USB port. CDs can be re-used if you get the CD-RWs. Good
luck, mike in cooling Florida

Karen, I have never used an HP to shoot jewelry. I recommend
checking out for some more on cameras in
that price range. They frequently review digital cameras in 2
categories, $500 and under & $500 and up. You can search for a
review on a specific camera, or check out their review section to see
the latest over digital camera reviews. I have used their reviews to
buy several computer related products (including my Sony DSC-S85) and
I have yet to be dissatisfied with the results. Hope I’ve been some

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