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Experience with Harbor Freight rolling mill

Does anyone have experience with the rolling mill from Harbor
Freight? I am a beginner…not sure if it is worth buying…but
don’t want to spend big bucks. Sometimes it ends up costing you
though to go cheap.

Teka and Zoe

I have one, but I’m only using it for rolling thing wire as I do
filigree work…from what I’ve heard you should not try to roll
anything thicker than about 12 gauge or you risk messing up the
gears. The only other issue I’ve had is my rollers got a bit rusty
and I had to sand them down and clean them up.


Hi Michelle Teka and Zoe

I purchased one and its ok but you have to take the whole thing apart
to change the rollers so its only practical to set it up for one use
it takes almost two hour to change it over. And I have to tighten the
bolts every time I use it, they loosen up with every use. The one
they have up now has one wire roller so you can only do half round.
But it also comes with pattern rollers. It gets the job done and if
you do not have the money, its better then nothing. If you have the
money for better then keep shopping.

Hope this helped.