Experience with Google checkout


I was wondering whether any of you had had any experience with
"Google Checkout". If you had, what was/is the experience? I enrolled
back in the summer & had every intention of integrating it into my
website. However, when I started looking around (on Google oddly
enough) there were enough red flags that I thought I’d just shelve it
until a later time. Any input is appreciated.

Best Regards,

Walt Teats
American Goldworks

The extent that I have used it is to send invoices to customers.
Right now, they aren’t charging any fees, and when they do start,
fees will be less than paypal. I did have one issue with the link in
the invoice not working for a customer. I tried several times, and we
couldn’t get it to work, so I ended up using paypal. But just last
week, paypal wasn’t working for someone and google check out worked
just fine. So I like having it as an alternative and at some point
will work on using the “buy now” buttons - not for a while though.

Beth Cyr