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Experience with Goldmachinery, RI

Hi All

Was wondering if anyone in the group has had any experience with
goldmachinery in Pawtucket, RI. They host auctions for large
machinery companies, jewelers, etc. They also have new equipment
(rolling mills, etc) at very good prices. Curious if anyone has
bought from them in the past?


Hi Norm,

I’ve bought from them, but it was almost 20 years back. They’re just
about the biggest of the used jewelry tool places, for big tools.
Of all the Providence used tool places, I think they’re the last one

Prices tend to be a bit on the high side (for the sorts of used gear
I look for), but they have a very complete warehouse. If you want
parts for a 150 year old rose engine, they’ll have them. If you want
a vulcanizer, they’ll have 20. You want an ice lathe? They have

They’re legit, but pretty seriously east coast. Know what you want,
and don’t waste anybody’s time by trying to chat or ask beginner


Hi Norm I bought my durston New flat mill, the 6" flat mill.13 years

Don’t know if that’s what you were asking for exactly, hope this


Hi Norm,

I have purchased from them and It was a pleasant experience.

Give Dave Gold a call and then you can drive down and retrieve your
merchandise and avoid freight charges.


About 10 or 12 years ago I purchased 8 kick presses from Gold
machinery. 7 of them were fine, the 8th one was not fine - probably
busted prior to a lousy crating. They were fairly priced and crated,
shipped to Denver. Could have been my fault because originally I
ordered 7, then needed one more that they just “found”. They refused
to do anything about the bad one.

I’d pay attention - look at the stuff in person if you can.

Judy Hoch

Great company. I’ve been dealing with David Gold and Gold Machinery for probably 30 years. You
should see their warehouse in Pawtucket, RI. It’s chock full of new
and used machinery, dust collectors, and the like for the
manufacturing jeweler and silversmith. If you come to RI, look me up
and come visit - I’m in West Warwick.

Jeff Herman

Greetings again:

Funny that this came up right at this particular moment. I’m often
struck by the symmetry of existence.

In terms of Gold’s pricing: At the moment, he’s got a BC Ames
instrument lathe on ebay. No link, but just go search for “B. C.
Ames Lathe” and you’ll find it.

I collect Ames lathes. I passed on this exact, particular machine 2
weeks ago, and Dave Gold bought it. For about $800. Figure $1000 by
the time he got it to Providence from middle CT, which is where it
was. He’s got it on Ebay for $5999, and half the blurb talks about
the turret tailstock that I did buy. It’s not even there. (it’s on
the way here.) I’m hoping that’s an “I don’t wanna sell it, but they
make me list it” price. But he may be serious about it. You never
know.Complete, running Ames lathes (less the lineshaft rig) have
been selling for under $1K lately, even on E-Pray. That’s what I
meant about his pricing. On the other hand, he has the weird stuff
that you’ll never find on your own.


PS"> For those looking for good jeweler’s lathes, look hard at the
Ames machines. They’re beautiful old beasts, and they have indexing
rings built right into the headstock for doing things like eternity
rings and settings. Picture a vastly overgrown Boley (Watchmaker’s)
lathe. (A Boley with a 3 foot bed, 1" collets, and a real XY