Experience with Gentec torch

I was wandering the Contenti site looking at torches, and ran across
this gentec setup:


I have regulators and tanks I use with a larger oxy-acetylene torch,
and the gentec is pretty reasonable. Does anyone have any
experiences with it? Is it good quality?

Paul Anderson

Gentec’s torch is as good if not a bit superior to the smith little
torch. I use them extensively for students and besides the price
(lower than smith’s) the body is far superior. If you read the
archives you’ll find a lengthy discussion of this last summer (i
think!)… I would also check out FDJ tools on time as I got a better
price there than Contenti- which I like, (the company that is) but
money is money…

The features are exactly the samr as the Smith but the body has an
added ounce or two of weight from solid brass construction, which I
also appreciate.There is no reason to pay more for the smith that I
can see- the warranties are identical also and if using a crediot
card, paypal etc you get added warranty coverage by using those
payment methods…