Experience with Genii lapidary grinder

Any one out there that has on a Genii lapidary 6"
grinder, made by Gem-Tec, the machine is old but in good shape but
needs a new pump that is attached to the motor shaft on the left
side, any would be appreciated.


You may not need a new pump. Inside the pump are some leathers that
may just need to be oiled to create a good seal. There is also a
place for a couple drops of oil. I think they are marked by a red
screw. Somewhere I have the instructions for how to do all of this.
If you would like them let me know and I will find them for you.

Fred Meredith

Lloyd, Genie is a great machine that lasts for years. Today they run
from $1700 to 2100 ±. Nice thing about the Genie is the various
attachments you can get for it so you can saw, cut, carve, etc. and
it uses the Diamond Pacific Nova cutting wheels, best on the market.

It is not made by Gem-tec it is made by Diamond Pacific. Gem-Tec, to
best of my understanding, is not making any cabbers these days. I
have 6 of them I bought for the school 9 years ago.

The things I don’t like about Genie are; it is heavy (big AC motor)
and cannot be easily moved around. It only has two speeds and the
pump!! When the pump goes you ususally have to purchase a separate
aqua-pump and a spritzer head to get water to the wheels. You can
check with Diamond Pacific to see if they can do a replacement, but
I have not seen any pumps sold separately on the market.

Cheers, Don in SOFL.

I found a picture of a Gem-Tec and it appears to be the original
design of the Diamond Pacific Genie grinder. It must have been one of
the many companies and patents Diamond Pacific bought up.

IMHO I don’t like the bubbler/air pump set up with these machines.
Splashing dirty water on the wheels causes premature wear and
introduces the possibility of contamination caused scratches. With
the hundreds of cabs I cut a year I prefer a fresh water flow and
drain system with my grinders. Comparing notes with fellow lapidaries
I get about 3x the wear out of my flex wheels using fresh water flow.

Personally I never like having three wheels so close together. I end
up sanding my knuckles. Also, newbie lapidaries think they need to
grind a cab on all six wheels to get a good polish. With experience
you’ll learn to skip around on the wheels for a particular stone.

But still there are the fans of this design and people swear by the
machines. I quick and easy workaround for replacing the water pump
is with a medium size aquarium air pump.

Rick Copeland
Silversmith and Lapidary Artisan

It only has two speeds and the pump!! When the pump goes you
ususally have to purchase a separate aqua-pump and a spritzer head
to get water to the wheels. You can check with Diamond Pacific to
see if they can do a replacement, but I have not seen any pumps
sold separately on the market. 

I suspect the pump is the same as my Pixie. It’s just an air pump,
and I think an aquarium pump will do.

Al Balmer
Sun City, AZ

I had one of those and used a sponge up in behind the wheel when the
pump went out also a homemade splash guard on the front, which I
clamped on with a tiny clamp. Always remembering to remove the sponge
and sop up the water in the tray when work was finished. I was still
using it after many years of my make shift system. It was one of the
best units I ever invested in. I wonder if you might have MY old
unit. I gave it away when I quit stone working.


The pump on this Genii is a water pump attached to the left side of
the motor on its shaft and using a plastic tube as the pump and
rotary discs for the pumping of the water.

We have never seen one of these pups before and need a spec. sheet
on it.

Was made by Gem-Tec.


We have a Genie and it’s pretty much indestructible. Parts are
available and for my money they’re the standard of the industry.
Wheels can be costly, but if they seem okay and the motor runs it’s
likely a good bet. Check out used lapidary sites, (ebay etc) and
you’ll see they hold their value - unless they’re junk. Hope this

Ski & Cathy
Rocks to Gems

I’ve used a Diamond Pacific Genie for many years and find it to be
the best all-around cab-cutting machine available. Certainly others
may have differing opinions.

I agree with posters who dislike the OEM bubbler water-delivery
system of these machines. I replaced mine with an aquarium pump long
ago and find it much more satisfactory. Some sort of drainage system
is required of course but that’s a minor matter.

Some users object to having the wheels spaced so close together. I
find that to be a problem with some larger items but some wheels can
easily be removed to allow more working room to complete specific

Since I cut designer cabs commercially I plan ahead and use only the
wheels necessary for cutting batches of specific types of gem
materials. My opal-cutting set-up differs from the one I use for
hard porcelain jaspers and agates, and so on. I’d “graduate” to the
larger Titan machine from Diamond Pacific but it makes a bigger
“footprint” than my shop space allows and would also leave a very big
hole in my bank account. With taxes and shipping the price is now
around $4K. I manage just fine with my old, smaller, dependable,
paid-for Genie.

Rick Martin

I replied to this via a reply space but I don’t see my answer so I
will repeat. I had one of those for many, many years and finally used
a home made splash guard and a large sponge in behind the wheel. That
worked fine for me. Believe me, don’t give up on the machine. It’s
one of the best ever manufactured. I am a retired 81 year old and
still cutting, but on sometime I can manage better since my ageing
hands aren’t too steady.


Hi Joyce, glad one other person has had one of these units, this one
was given us and I want to make the pump workable so it will be given
to one of my students in a working way.

I had another Genii long time ago and it worked perfect and had no
complaints, when I stopped cutting I gave it away to a stone cutter.

Have a good day.

Experience with Genii lapidary grinder

OBSERVATIONS - I purchased my 6" Genii machine used. It is single
speed and came pre modified to use 2 wheels on a side.

This was done by using a larger spacer and an additional inner hub
spacer. The right hand side spins on and off by hand. I am looking at
one of my SPARE WHEELS

Just make sure you get the rotation correct. There are arrows on the
wheels. I would not move the wheels to the other side without
checking. I believe that diamond Pacific has replacement inner hub
spacers which would allow you to make up more special or dedicated
abrasive or polishing wheels. The outside end of the inner hub spacer
is drilled and tapped for a flat disc. believe this will accommodate
a number of discs sizes.

The air pump is on the left side. A notation reads " remove painted
screw to oil pump and leathers " There is a needle valve beside it to
adjust the air flow. There is a water tray to hold cooling water. If
it were rinsed out or smaller, individual water trays were used, the
use of fresh and uncontaminated cooling water should take care of any
scratching problem.


Likes - This machine is sturdy, simple, durable, repairable,
portable and modifiable. I believe Diamond Pacific still sells
replacement parts for it. The motor can be rewound, the bearings
replaced, Virtually everything can be shop made. There is a built in
light and magnifier. I can pick it up and move it. (I have it, a 6"
saw and small gemstone drill press all on a shop parts table which I
have modified to be the correct height. It is forgiving (a prime
mechanical virtue)

Dislikes - This machines motor runs hot. Diamond pacific told me
this was normal. This is not a high production machine. If you want
one then buy one… The Diamond Pacific Titan is such a machine I have
used them. TIJT had 6 in their lapidary lab. I have a highland Park
E - 50. It is from another age and could be steam driven if desired.
But never to be under estimated.

are available very reasonably. - Just do it.

I hope this helps. If needed, email me for consolation and


Dislikes - This machines motor runs hot. Diamond pacific told me
this was normal. 

NORMAL??? Yes. But I was the sap that bought a 29 year old Genie
last year on ebay that was advertised as new (It was never used, so
the wheels were fresh).

After about 45 minutes continued running it smoked a capacitor. It
was a cheap repair, but the shop showed me where the manufacture
date was clearly visible as 10/79, listed under the serial number.
The guy said it continues to over-amp and I cant run it more than a
half hour before turning it off to cool down. I’m stuck with it now,
but I know the Genies’ at our Lap club run for hours and hour with no

after reading this thread i went and looked at the inherited saw
combo unit OLD OLD genie, as far as could make out. ugh. Isnt there
away to change out the ampage? my best friend is an electical
engineer, i’m gona ask him.