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Experience with Genie cabbing machine

Greetings To All,

I’m finally going to take the leap and purchase a Diamond Pacific
Genie cabbing machine.

Does anyone have an opinion as to the best place to buy one of these
machines. Best price? Can they deliver?


See my previous response to what I think about Genie’s. If your set
on getting a Genie, Kingsley North usually has about the best prices
but I checked and they have Genie’s for $1825 (ouch!). And even used
Genie’s go for $1000 if they have decent wheels. Sometimes dealers
have specials.

Rick Copeland

Marc, take the leap and purchase a Diamond Pacific Genie cabbing We
here at Nevada Cassidys have been using the Genie for grinding and
polishing our turquoise since around 1990’s after reading your post,
I looked on the web and found this site, their price is great, I
purchased ours fromDiamond Pacific.

The genie is easy to use and maintaince. I’m looking to purchase the
Titan next, Check them out and enjoy the grind,



I bought a Diamond Pacific Pixie some years ago from Bombay Bazaar.
I mail-ordered it. Back then, their price was $250 under the
manufacturers price. They run ads in the classified section of
Lapidary Journal, now called Jewelry Artist. Maybe you could google
them; I don’t know if they have a website.

Happy cabbing,



I cannot give an opinion on the best place to purchase a Genie but I
will suggest an alternative. Check out the new Caberet at Graves
Company. It is a 6 wheeler (uses the exact same Nova wheels as the
Genie) but it has a variable speed DC motor that supplies plenty of
torque from 0 to 2000 RPM. It has removable water trays (as the
Genie) but has a 5 section top tray to keep ‘stuff’ till you need it.
It weighs a mere 39 lbs and is easily moved about. It also has a aqua
pump/spritzer system with a cut off switch. The price runs around

OK, I’ll fess up…I designed the machine for Graves but I no
longer work there regularly but still consult. Nonetheless, its a
fine machine. Cheers from Don in SOFL.