Experience with GemSelect?

Hi everyone,

I’m looking for some reputable online sources for gems. One of my
favorite sites to visit is GemSelect - Great gems, great prices, great service! but
I’ve never bought anything from them.

Has anyone had any experience with this company? How was it?


I have ordered from GemSelect, and was delighted with the stones they
sent. They were well cut, and calibrated. GemSelect is located in
Thailand, and they have a huge inventory from which you can make your
choices. I was able to get some sizes and shapes that were
unavailable from other sources. Alma

I'm looking for some reputable online sources for gems. One of my
favorite sites to visit is http://www.ganoksin.com/gnkurl/ep80v4 

This link takes me to a URL that ends in “/main. htm” and informs me
that “We apologize but our service is not available in your area.” If
I remove the /main. htm I can see the page.

Paf Dvorak

My limited experience was good, not excellent. I would however
advocate buying locally. My two main sources that I have had
excellent experience with are D&J Rare Gems, and The Gem Trader. D&J
have at least two claims that I know of in the States and do their
own gem cutting, however, all their gems are not cut by them, some
are outsourced. The Gem Trader also runs some Ebay auctions from time
to time, I was able to acquire two beautiful stones from their

Best of luck.

I have bought plenty of pink sapphires and other similar gems from
them. generally speaking they are well priced and offer a quick
service and their grading is pretty accurate. The items I have
purchased are in the sub $100 price range as a) that is the cost of
the items sought and b) I am not a fan of buying more expensive
items without actually seeing them with my own eye as most emeralds
and sapphires are treated and I want to have a good look at that and
how the value of the stone is reflected in the description bearing
this in mind. If it is coloured gems you are after then you wont be
disappointed. Nick Royall