Experience with Gastech booster

Has anyone used, or have any experience with one of the gas tech
booster systems?


I had the misfortune of having to use a gas booster in a previous
shop. This thing ran for 6-7 hrs per day, 5 days a week. To say it
messes with your hearing is an understatement. Now…having said
that, I realize that some municipalities require you to restrict the
flow of natural gas @ the point of entry into a building. You then
have to turn around & boost the gas back up to 6-8 psi. That’s where
a device like the Gas Tech comes in. Unfortunately, the city of Great
Falls Montana is an absolute dinosaur when it comes to having gas
lines into buildings. For instance…you can have “flex hose” in your
home for any natural gas devices you have (hot water heater, stove)
but the city does NOT allow that same flex hose in the mall (but they
did allow me a propane tank). You have to hire a plumber that
specializes in the installation of “high pressure” lines. He/she has
to be certified in the welding of said high pressure lines. Makes NO
sense to me. I hardly consider 6-8 psi “high pressure”, but that’s
just me.

So…the upshot is this: if you MUST have one because it’s required
by law, get one, but use some kind of hearing protection. If
not…save the the bucks. It just isn’t worth it.


Walt Teats
Don Rand Designs

Very satisfied. I use two of them, each at a different location. I’ve
experienced excellent customer service from them as well. I think
it’s just a smart thing to use the booster, you can raise your
pressure if need be and it adds an extra layer of safety between your
torch and your gas meter. If you try to use natural gas straight,
without the booster, you likely won’t have enough pressure to push
through the flashback arrestor. So if you want to use NG you really
need a booster. Anyway, I’ve used them for 5 years and am very

Best regards,

As the manufacturer of the G-TEC Torch Booster system I want to
comment on Walt Teats’ recent comments because his experience was in
the 1990’s, before the present ownership of G-TEC, and does not
reflect what you should expect from our products today.

It sounds like his unit may have needed repair because today’s
system is almost silent and most of our customers install them right
next to their benches: see photo at lower right


The compressor used in our units is the same kind of compressor you
find in a refrigerator or freezer in your home, and it makes the same
amount of noise.

We have a YouTube video of our Torch Boosters posted at

and at the 1:44 mark the unit is turned on so you can listen for
yourself. This video is aimed at our industrial customers so we talk
about cutting steel plate, not jewelry-that video is coming, but the
Booster is the same, and quiet!

As for flex pipe, we include a 5’ hose to connect your unit to the
gas pipe…in fact yellow flex hose is not recommended.

I am not sure about the local rules in Great Falls but across the US
and Canada we have never had anything but an ordinary plumber install
our Torch Boosters with threaded, not welded, pipe (in Canada the
plumber must also be licensed as a “gasfitter” but this applies to
any natural gas appliance from stoves to hot water heaters to ovens,
etc). This applies to installations in commercial buildings as well
as home studios. Our Torch Boosters are installed in shopping malls
as well as buildings that prohibit acetylene or propane in cylinders.
In the Los Angeles Jewelry District, where bottle acetylene and
propane are not allowed, G-TEC Torch Boosters are welcomed in any

In NYC (and nobody has more rules and regulations than NYC) jewelers
wanting to connect their torches to the city gas pipe are required to
have at least 5 pounds of pressure and G-TEC systems are approved by
both the Fire Department and Department of Buildings as a means to
get the required pressure. In this case, with 5 psi gas flow, any
licensed plumber can do the installation.

New owners acquired G-TEC in late 1999 and shortly after that the
entire product line was redesigned for better performance, longer
system life and easier use. It sounds like Walt’s experience was with
an old machine that needed repair, and that is not what you should
expect from a G-TEC Torch Booster today.

A G-TEC Torch Booster allows you to use clean, inexpensive natural
gas safely by raising pressure enough so that OSHA/Fire Code required
flashback arrestors will work on your torch, and you’ll never run out
of gas!

Ed Howard

We have a YouTube video of our Torch Boosters posted at

This system looks quite impressive, and I may need to consider it
because I’m moving to a rental house. The owner may not be thrilled
with a propane tank, however small, inside the house. $1100 is not an
impulse buy, and there are things I’d rather spend it on, but I gotta
have a torch…

What I am wondering is whether there is a supply of used units, or
is it one of those things (like kilns with electronic controllers, or
Bonny Doon hydraulic presses) that just never seem to come up for
sale used?

It would seem as though if you bought one of these, and an oxygen
concentrator, you would be free forevermore from tanks and trips for
refills. Anyone using such a set-up? Has anyone considered and
rejected it?

Thanks for any feedback!

What I am wondering is whether there is a supply of used units, or
is it one of those things (like kilns with electronic controllers,
or Bonny Doon hydraulic presses) that just never seem to come up
for sale used? 

G-TEC doesn’t normally have used Torch Booster systems but you may
see one on E-bay or similar site from time to time. If you ask the
seller for the serial number and contact G-TEC we can tell you when
it was sold, how old it is and who the original purchaser was.

I agree, it isn’t an impulse purchase but a G-TEC Torch Booster is a
high-quality tool that will serve you well for many years!

Ed Howard

Hi Noel,

I bought a G-Tec Booster in January of this year. I searched for a
month for a used one, and I couldn’t find anything. The one thing I
didn’t do was post something here, on Orchid.

I don’t use an oxygen generator. I don’t use my torch enough for
one. What I did do was get two 40lb tanks right off. So when I ran
out, I had a full one, and took the empty in when I could. I have a
disability, so the extra tank is a real necessity!

It’s a real sweet set-up. It’s also very safe. As always make sure
the o2 tanks are secure and treated with respect. I had two separate
shut-off valves installed, when I had the gas lines put in. That way
the gas line could be shut-down from two separate places, one inside
the studio, and one outside - just in case.


If you’re going to spend that much money on a torch, why not get a
water torch? Otto Frei has them for about $1200-$1400 and I do
believe it’s considered one of the safest torches around. Plus, it
uses WATER! For cryin= g out loud! I love one of these but until I get
into production, if ever, I can’t justify the cost. :slight_smile: I also found
one for $799 at


For more info, Check out John Shanahan’s article at

gee I want one of these…

If you're going to spend that much money on a torch, why not get a
water torch? 

This strikes me as a very reasonable question. However, it is hard
for me to imagine spending all that money on something I’ve never
seen or tried. And by the way, I could not get your link to a used
one to work.

Is there anyone who has a suggestion how I might get to try a water
torch? I’m in Chicago. Sadly, no conferences are in my budget for
this year (except PMC, which I’m being paid to be at, but I don’t
think there will be a water torch vendor there).


Noel, do a Google search for Water Torch and you’ll find tons of

Sorry the link didn’t work. Try this link http://tinyurl.com/323mcug

for the one I found for $799.

The best video I’ve seen on the water torch is at

Hope this helps.


The water torch can be a good alternative for some people doing
smaller work at the jewelry bench. For someone doing larger work
like in a soldering pan (ie., belt buckles, large pendants, and so
on) will find most water torches too small. Spirig makes water
torches that can be daisy chained up to the capability you could
want; very expensive though. The NG booster comes in several sizes
and in each size will meet a broader range of soldering needs than
any water torch by itself can do. The booster also give the user
their own choice of torches. I prefer Victor.

Dan Culver