Experience with FireStorm CAD/CAM software

I’m looking at buying CAD CAM software. There seams to be allot of
different company’s offering competing software. I like the look of
FireStorm. Any feed back on Fire Storm would be great. Also I’d like
to know why other jewellers picked the particular software they are

Thanks, Alex
Adore Jewellery
Victoria, BC

Rhino + RhinoGold, due to the TONS of FREE tutorials available for


I'm looking at buying CAD CAM software. 

Way back in time I bought Rhino for cad. It was the best I could
find and only twice my budget. I still like it although it is not
good at organic shapes. (understatement of the week) For cam I like
MeshCam, my wish lists when reasonable are added quickly and the
support great.

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