Experience with EZ Torch

Does anyone have or have used an EZ Torch from Otto Frei

I’m looking to buy my first jewelry torch for use in my home studio
(also known as the spare bedroom!) and I’ve looked at the EZ Torch on
the Otto Frei website. I’m tempted because the price is right and it
doesn’t require an oxygen tank, making it easier to use and set up.
Also, since I’ll be using it in my home, I’m concerned about safety.
If you’ve had experience with this torch, I’d be interested to know
what you think. Is it durable? Is it something I’ll quickly outgrow,
or can it do a range of jobs that make it a “workhorse”? My teacher
recommended the Prest-O-Lite, but I’ve had no luck finding it. The EZ
torch seems to be very like the Prest-O-Lite, thus I wondered if it
compares favorably. Have also looked at the Hoke and the Meco Midget,
but for now they are out of my budget range, although they seem like
good products. Any advice would be appreciated.


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Gesswein carries the Prestolite torch. It comes with 4 tips, and
costs $230 plus shipping. I have had mine for 20 years, and only
have had to replace the hose. I know it is a bit expensive for one
juststarting out, but it is a workhorse, and I find it easier to
hold the torch than the Silversmith. I definitely agree with your
teacher and I too recommend it. It uses acetylene, which I
understand is safer in the house than propane and it does not
require an oxygen tank. Alma

Agnes. Over the years have used a Prest - o - lite, hoke, meco, ez
and little torch. you can find the Prest - o - lite on amazon at

I use the ez for a quick in and out soldering job and annealing. It
doesn’t have the heat needed to do the bigger jobs that I do, but,
like all torches, you can get used to it for what you do as long as
it will provide the heat you need. I used the Prest -o -lite for
years, but needed something with a more precise flame, so I bought a
meco with paige tips (very important) and it is now my work horse.
There are many torches out there and others orchid readers will, and
have, weighted in on this subject. Look at past orchid posts and
search the Ganoksin site too. Good luck. Rob

Rob Meixner

Sorry. Prest - o - lite is not available at amazon. Try Gesswein,
they show it on their website. Look also at smith torch. Rob

Rob Meixner

I have alway bought Prestolite torches from my local welders supply
that wayI get my tank from the same place I get it filled it is
usually less then jewelry supply places. You can get the full kit
regulator, hose, torch and tips it is some times referred to as a
plumbers torch.


Hi Agnes, have you tried you local welding supply company, sometimes
they have deals. They may even have good preowned ones.

George In Green Bay

My teacher recommended the Prest-O-Lite, but I've had no luck
finding it. 

It’s quite common, you may be able to get it at a local welding
shop, or try additional jewelry supply houses.

Learn all you can about torch safety before you install it!


Try Cyberweld and look for Handiheet. Free shipping and way below
the pricing of jewelry supply stores. They have everything for
Smith. Awesome outfit.

Karen Christians

Hi Agnes,

I have an EZ torch which I love. I dont use it as my primary torch.
The torch is well balanced in your hand and easy to set up. I have
used it for everything including torch firing enamels. It originally
came with 3 size heads but I only use 2.the medium and large. The
only beef I have with it is that when you turn off the valve there
is a small leak back into the hose. I returned it and got a second
torch but it also has the same issue. This is not a problem at all
if you just un-attach the hose from the disposable propane tank at
the end of your session.

I think its the perfect torch for someone with a home studio and
only wish Id had one when I was first starting out.


Hi all

The EZ torch is not my first choice, I prefer an old fashioned torch
that I use with bellows. That said the kids I teach use (teenagers)
my EZ torch and have no problems.

But you must bleed the line after you have finished soldering. Turn
off at tank and turn torch on.

Lets all the gas out.

all the best

Thanks to everyone who weighed in on this. It’s always great to have
informed opinions before you open your wallet. I’m looking around
for some welding shops or suppliers and will continue comparison
shopping. I’ve really outgrown the butane torch.

One torch that has not been mentioned is the Smith Acetylene air
torch. I personally like the fuel knob up where my fingers are to
allow for easy flame adjustment. I find that when I use the
prest-o-lite I tend to hold thetorch by the hose which can be

That being said, the EZ torch may get you started. The EZ torch
doesn’t have different size tips so torch control will be more

Phillip Scott

Technical Support
Rio Grande

Mine came from Otto Frei with three tips. That being said, I don’t
find a big difference among them. I also bought both tank adapters
so that I can use either disposable or standard propane cylinders. I
use my EZ for quick in and out soldering jobs and annealing. Rob

Rob Meixner

Hi Rob,

I can monitor this/these discussuions from my work computer but I
can’t reply to anything and I probably shouldn’t.

There is a woman who is wondering about working solder and copper
wire. Would you point out to her that battern’s and copper aren’t
always an easy combination to mix. Boric Acid and alcohol seems to
work better for me. And heat and copper is a finicky thing as well.

With an oxygemeated torch she may be running too hot and burning
away her flux before it has a chance to work.

Thanks. I can do this myself but I won’t be home until 10:00 or so.