Experience with Envision tec machines


I have been compering Envisiontec Perfectory Desktop and Mini in
order to make a decision on purchase. I’m small manufacturing shop
but don’t want to get stuck with to small of a machine that I can’t
upgrade in the future. Resolution is my main concern, what would be
optimal number without sacrificing quality of the models.

The Desktop is quite new so first hand users info is quite scarce. I
would appreciate eny impute about machines and company.


The mini has the better resolution. Youll have to change the lens
but the quality is comparable to the solidscape.

Hi Halina,

I had the same questions with you about six months ago. Now after the
research I made I’m the owner of the envisiontec mini because I think
you have to sacrifice a lot with the desktop machine.i’ll be gland to
help. Just ask what you want.

If I may ask where are you gonna buy the machine and about how much?

I bought it in Greece about 60000 euros.