Experience with Coppertop Mountain Gems

I’ve purchased some faceted goods from a dealer I’d just met. His
name is Jim Legge. He assured me he would refund any purchase I
wasn’t happy with. I’ve had 3 of the stones checked and 2 are
synthetic. I’ve tried his email address (returned messages) and
left messages on the phone number I have for him. His business name
is Coppertop Mountain Gems.

Do any of you have info to reach this person? Have any of you had any
dealings with him? Maybe he’s out of the country, I don’t know.
Needless to say, I’m not happy and I feel stupid.

If any of you meet up with him, would you tell him I’d like to talk
with him.

Marianne Hunter

Hi regarding finding stone dealer Jim Legge. I just spoke with him
and he is coming over and perfectly happy to exchange the stones. I
had his old email address and apparently the wrong phone number,
too. Another jewelry artist had the right phone number and also the
opinion that the mistake (synthetic as natural) was one of lack of
knowledge of some materials rather than ill intent. Good ending.