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Experience with Cooksongold's reflections silver range

Hi All!

Just a quick question for metalsmiths in the UK, have you tried’s “reflections” silver range? It claims to be more
resistant to tarnish and firescale than standard sterling and having
recently read the pros and cons of the new alloys available in the US
(such as Argentium) I wondered whether anyone has used this new
stuff. If you have, do you know what the alloy is (is there any
copper in it), and how does it compare to sterling for fabrication
work? Thanks in advance for any replies.

Sarah in Wales

Hey Sarah, my friend bought some a while back and mixed some in with
other odds and ends of sterling. I was making a silver ring model and
didn’t know it was this ‘reflections’ stuff and had a lot of
problems!! I think it has a slightly higher melting point, work
hardens quicker and is more prone to cracking because of it. I also
found it didn’t quite finish up as nicely. If I had known beforehand
it would have been a lot easier to work with but I still wouldn’t
choose it over sterling. He hasn’t bought anymore in either.

But you might as well have a go and see what you think! Have you
spoken to anyone from Cooksons? I’m sure they could give you plenty
of tips

All the best, Laura

I have not used reflections silver but Cooksons technical sheet
say’s that SOME of the copper has been replaced with other metals
including germanium, tin etc. So it aparently still has some copper
in it. For more check out Cooksons knowledge base it also
has working, casting and soldering on it

Robin Key
Clavis Jewellery
Aberdeen, Scotland