Experience with cookson silver alloy reflections

I notice that Cookson’s is selling a new silver alloy called
"Reflections". I’m assuming that it’s a type of sterling silver (ie
92.5% silver), although it doesn’t actually say so in all the
about it. It doesn’t give the percentages of the
component metals, nor does it say whether it’s to be hallmarked as
sterling, so in the absence of any other it most likely
is a sterling alloy (and the quote below would seem to imply such).

“Reflections is a Silver alloy with all of the benefits and less of
the drawbacks associated with ordinary Sterling Silver. Its unique
chemical composition, with less copper and increased tin, zinc and
germanium, gives it superior tarnish-resistance”.

Anyway, if anyone in the UK tries out this new alloy, please could
you post about it on Orchid, and let us know how it performs compared
to standard sterling. Many thanks.