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Experience with

I have been looking for a couple of out of print books that aren’t
available through Amazon or any of their merchant stores. I have
finally found them both listed and in stock on this website - I have not heard of Centaur Forge before though and
so am not sure if its safe to use my credit card to purchase from
them. Has anyone here ordered anything from them before? If so, did
you have any problems?

Many thanks,

Hi RR,

I’ve ordered from them in the past - it’s been a while, but I had no
problems whatsoever. They’ve been around forever and stock lots of
nice stuff for us neanderthals, er, blacksmith types :slight_smile:



As I recall, Centaur Forge is a well know, reputable company that
primarily serves the farrier (horse-shoeing) industry.


Centaur forge is a fairly widely known company in the blacksmithing
and ferrier communities. You shouldn’t have any problems.

In reply to the question about Centaur Forge. They are primarily a
blacksmith and farrier site. They have a good selection of
metalworking books as you have seen. I have dealt with them many
times with no problems–order away.

Linda–no connection, just a customer.

Hi RR;

Centaur Forge has been around a long time. I know I’ve ordered from
them at one time, probably back when the internet was a black Unix
screen and dialup was all you got and at 1200 baud. I don’t remember
how long they’ve been around, probably since at least the early 80’s.
They’re very well know in the blacksmithing community. I’m certain
you can’t go wrong with them.

David L. Huffman

Centaur Forge is very reliable. They’ve been around a long time,
primarily serving blacksmiths, and horse-shoers (I can’t think of
the proper name for that profession, at the moment, sorry… I’ve
ordered from them. Order without worry.

Cynthia Eid

I’ve ordered from Centaur Forge before with no problems other than
an occasional backorder. I’ve also visited their location and they
have a fantastic book selection, not to mention blacksmithing and
ferrier equipment. Great people, and a reputable business that’s been
around a long time. I’m a fan.

I have not heard of Centaur Forge before though and so am not sure
if its safe to use my credit card to purchase from them. 

They are fine! Great folks. They primarily supply the
blacksmith/farrier market. I buy a lot of my bulk hardware, like
rivets, from them.

Ron Charlotte – Gainesville, FL

Centaur Forge has been around for a long time. I have not ordered
anything from them in about 12 years but they are a great source of
hammers. They carry the Peddinghaus line of hammers. They are
primarily a source of materials for blacksmiths and farriers. They
also carry an extensive line of books as you are aware of.


Although I don’t know Centaur Forge, I have usually had excellent
luck using Barnes & Nobel for my out of print/used copies. Fast
service, and wonderful pricing have made me switch over to them from
Amazon. You might want to give them a try (on-line only) because
they have a lot of 2nd party sellers that link through them and have
a phenomenal array of hard-to-find books available quickly and at a
reasonable price. When I have used Amazon in the past, it has been
months, and then they came back to me with a “sorry - we are
canceling your order”. I then tried Barnes, and had the book(s) in
my hands within 2 weeks.

Sandi Graves, Beadin’ Up A Storm
Stormcloud Trading Co (Beadstorm)