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Experience with Bernzomatic ST900D Mini Torch


I am looking for a portable torch to do some light soldering at
shows. The ST900D looks like it might do the job. Does anyone have
any feedback good or bad? Thanks.

Tom Wohlfeld


I have a few of these - if your work is small enough they are great.



I teach silversmith classes as a volunteer at our senior center. We
use Smith acetelyne / air. When students want a small portable unit I
recommend the ST900 D with MAPP gas. It is almost as hot as the Smith
units and is locally available.It is not suitable for heavy melting
but will solder silver or gold.


I use the Proxxon mini torch ($56 from Rio Grande) or Blazer for all
my bench work. There are no hoses & they use readily available
Butane. They 're very easy to handle, have a flame to 2500 degrees &
if I’m working on avery large piece, I use two.

There’s an article

about all the different torches that you might find useful.

Good luck!


I live in a tiny apartment and didn’t want to risk a stumble over a
"big girl" torch. The ST900D is perfect for the kind of soldering
jobs I do. I use the Coleman 1 lb tank of propane that’s available
from a camping store. It’s lower to the ground and one can buy a
plastic “foot”/stand that makes it more stable. No need to tie it to
a table leg. Very easy to maneuver the flexible gas line. Highly
recommended for shows, demos and to folks who want to graduate from a
hand held butane mini torch. Larger jobs can be assisted by placing
the item to be soldered (or otherwise heated) on an Ultra Light