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Experience with Albeo Lights

Does anyone have any experience with these lights? We are planning
to use 1 in each of our 30 inch cases.


Does anyone have any experience with these lights? 

I was at a show this weekend, and saw a jeweler using lights that
loked much like these. I did not like the effect at all-- they seemed
very harsh and directional, and much too blue. It wasn’t too bad for
that work-- it was all silver, no stones or other metals-- but I
would not want them.


The quest for the “right” lighting is endless. I fought it for
decades in my store. The biggest leap forward you could make is to
call Phil Bradfield at Tailored Light (800) 254-4487. Their
particular Solux lighting systems are the best I’ve ver seen, and
I’ll wager I’ve been in more stores and galleries than many here
over the past 30 years or so. You have to see these lights to believe
it, and its not just about the light it’s about the ay the light is

I also use one of their single light systems, with diffuser (which
absorbs UV, whether they know it or not) to highlight some very
expensive paintings I own. It puts most gallery and even museum
lighting to shame.

I don’t get any commissions from this company, but a call to Phil is
cheap and you’ll find him friendly AND very knowledgeable. And tell
Phil I said hello.

Wayne Emery