Experience with ACC show in St Paul

Who else out there was at the ACC St Paul show? How did you do? Being
alone, I didn’t get to visit/look around much. To my surprise, I had
my best show ever (not just ACC-- I’ve never done that one before-- I
mean any show). I lowered the prices as far as I could stand to on
all but my newest work, and that strategy payed off. There were a lot
of people who clearly thought hard about a $50 purchase, but quite a
few went for it. Then there were the other shoppers who were not
price conscious at all, apparently. I sold pieces all accross my
range, from $45 to $4000 (I don’t usually have quite that big a
range). Really, really nice to go home with bulging pockets, so to
speak-- and a novel experience for me, as my work isnot for everyone.


Thanks for giving feedback, Noel. I wasn’t there, but appreciate
hearing how others are doing on the show circuit.

I took a gamble this year and accepted several larger/better shows to
see how my work will sell, although I’m thoughtful of the current
economy. It’s great to see some one did more than just “good” sales -
surpassing a personal record is wonderful! Kudos to you for wise
price marketing, too…


So glad to hear you did very well; as I am preparing for two shows
the ACRE Las Vegas show and the BMAC Philly show and hopefully they
will be positive as well