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Experience using Swiss Torch


Fellow Orchidians!

I am purchasing a torch for the first time and I am seriously
considering the Swiss Torch. Unfortunately, I have been unable to
find much in the Orchid archives or in a general web
search so I would really appreciate any advice before I make my

Lacey West Jewellery supplies, Canada, recommends this
torch - it has received favourable reviews from a number of
professional jewellers.

My current needs aRe:

-    soldering and annealing gold, stainless, and silver jewellery
-    soldering and annealing silver and copper holloware
-    melting gold, silver and copper alloys to pour ingots

I would prefer one torch to do all of the above and the Swiss Torch
looks like it can do it although it is more expensive than the
Little torch, Hoke or Midget - $587.00 plus tax CND for the whole

Donna Hiebert