Experience using new concept saw

I have a project in mind which requires sawing 16 ga brass and 16 ga
copper. I will be doing cut outs and then hand engrave those cutouts.
The overall size will be about 8" x 4".

I would like to hear from anyone who has personal experience using
this saw. I know of Lee Marshall and his work; but would like to hear
from users off line or on this forum.


I had the opportunity to use this amazing tool in a Bonny
DooneHydraulic Press class with Rio Grande and LOVED it - if it was
in mybudget I woud already own it.

One of the students brought her daughter (late teens, early
twenties) who had no experience - had never made a piece of jewelry.
She had areally hard time using the jeweler’s saws provided and was
pretty down until she got a turn on the electric Knew Concept
saw…you can see for yourself I posted a photo in my Tucson Gem
Show blog!

Tucson Gem Show - Live!: Tucson – February 4th - Rio's Catalog In Motion

Robyn Hawk

That is the one tool that makes me salivate with power tool lust. I
would so love to own that!

Janet Kofoed

That is the one tool that makes me salivate with power tool lust.
I would so love to own that!

I got to try one of these a few years ago at SNAG. It is reassuring
to think that if I ever cannot hand-saw anymore, I could use this
well-designed tool. And maybe by then it will be even better,
because I remember feeling that it was very cool, but also very slow.
Maybe I remember wrong… but then, I really like sawing, seem to be
good at it.



I have the Knew Concept Saw, and can recommend it. For sawing the
thick sheet that you are talking about, it can save a lot of effort.
When I hand-saw, my hand that is holding the metal down can get very
tired. The Knew Concept Saw has a hold-down foot, so that you only
need to guide the metal. It saws absolutely vertically and
regularly, so that the quality of the cut is superior—(that is,
unless you tilt the table, which I do when I make a cutting die).

There can be a bit of a learning curve if you have been sawing with
a jeweler’s saw for a while—you need to let go of your prior
experience, and get into the Zen of using the machine. Newbies catch
on right away! I realized this when I saw Lee Marshall put safety
glasses on a 7 year old boy, who sat down and sawed for half an hour
without breaking a blade.

The speed has been calculated to keep the saw blade sawing
efficiently, without overheating, so that each blade lasts longer.
There is a piece of felt on the bottom of the bench pin–you put a
few drops of oil on this, and the blade is constantly lubricated.

I think the Knew Concept Saw is perfect for the project you have in

Cynthia Eid