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Experience Buying Gold Jewelry in India


I have a friend who is going to India for 2 weeks, and he heard that
Gold Jewelry was less expensive there. He wanted to know how to be
sure he was getting gold and not something else.

I tried to explain a touchstone to him, but I doubt if any jewelry
store will let you test each piece of jewelry.

Has anyone had a bad experience of getting maybe Gold Plated instead
of 22 Kt gold in jewelry?

Any Suggestions or ideas to help protect his investment?

Names of reputable Jewelers in the Bangalore area might be of help.



Dear Randy,

Things may not be as worse as gold plated instead of gold, but you
may end up in buying 18-19kt jewellery paying for 22kt jewellery, if
you buy from local small jewellers. Hence, it is better you buy gold
from any of the reputed jewellers.

As such, Tanishq is the largest jewellery retailer in India with
chain of stores (around 80 stores) all around the country, from the
house of TATA. There is a karatmeter to test the purity of Gold in
most of the Tanishq show rooms where you can do a non-destructive
purity testing to ensure the gold purity.

There are three Tanishq stores in Bangalore - one in Dickenson Road,
one in Jayanagar and the third one is in Malleswaram. You can look at for the address details and the details about the
brand / company.

Please see if this is of any use to you.



hello Randy,

i suggest your friend should buy gold jewellery from Tanishq
jewellery showroom chains.the reason is :

a) Tanishq is the biggest branded jewellery chain.

b) it has a reputation of quality.

c) Tanishq has installed Electrospectro meters at each of their
showrooms,so you can check the purity of the jewellery then and
there(no need to carry touchstones)

d) Tanishq has showrooms in all the major cities of India.

for more info you can log on to (TITAN is the parent
company of Tanishq)

Hitesh Satikunver