Exhibiton and Sale Questions

Hi All, I have been invited to enter a show/sale in Dallas for a
specific item. (Miriam’sCup). I have to submit an application and
slides. I have a number of concerns. The entry fee is $30. (a little
high, I think) The artists are required to pay shipping and insurance
both ways (return shipping pre-paid-how do I do this and what if it
is sold?). They want a 40% commission. The big kicker is they say
“Although all reasonable care will be taken, we will not be
responsible for loss or damage of any kind whatsoever.”

I have an entry that is very expensive (almost $5000) and I think
all of the demands above are unreasonable. Am I being unreasonable?

Ruth Shapiro

I don’t do shows like that, but it sounds completely ridiculous and
UNreasonable to me. David Barzilay, Lor of the Rings