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[Exhibition] Painting with Fire

Just a brief reminder to those who have an interest in enamel as an
art form. You have the opportunity to see and hear June Schwarz, Bill
Helwig and Bill Harper in conjunction with “Painting with Fire” at
the Long Beach Museum of Art.

Thursday: The exhibition Reception is Jan 11 at Long Beach Museum of
Art (rsvp 562-439-2119).

Friday: A walk though with curators Hal Nelson and Bernard Jezzar on
at 1:30 pm at the museum

Saturday: Symposium with June and the 2 Bills on the 13th at Long
Beach City College. A rare opportunity to see/hear three grand
artists together.

This is a monumental exhibition and should not be missed!

On another note: The reception for “Transforming Vision” opening at
the Oakland Museum of California is Sunday, Jn 21st 3-4pm. rsvp
510-238-3004. A few (very) of our collaborations are included at
this venue for the exhibition tour. Hope some of you can be there,

Marianne Hunter