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[Exhibition] [NY] Daniel Brush - Blue Steel Gold Light

If you are in New York City, I highly recommend that you visit the
Museum of Art and Design and view the stunning work of Daniel Brush.
His first book, where I have dogeared pages and studied closely the
photographs of his lush and brilliant work, do no credit to the
actual work of this master. I am humbled, both in his masterful
execution of chased steel, his manipulation of gold granulation and
now the CONCEPTUAL and PLAYFUL work in steel, and micro-pave diamonds
that look tossed yarn threads on a floor. Wow oh wow oh wow.

His book depicting the collection of monarchs with delicately scribed
gold on butterfly wings, gently tossed onto finely chased steel with
custom rare earth magnets left me wordless. They tiny round box
(there are four now) with the mandala like quality of granulation
that took him two years to fire is an exquisite masterpiece, not to
mention that the granulation spheres are about .25mm each.

Go and see this magnificent work. If it has been mentioned before my
post, I apologize for not reading up sooner.

Thank you Mr. Brush. You are a true master. I am humbled at your
execution of this craft and am very glad you play in metal. 

I too am a great fan of Mr. Brush’s. My wife, who has gifted me with
many of the favorites in my meager library, bought my the first
book. I will now be looking for book #2 which I did not know was out
there. My sister lives in upstate NY, and when we can go for a visit,
we invariably make a trip to some of the greatest museums in the
world. I will immediately inquire as to the possibility of show
times, corresponding with possible family visits. I Know the Museum
of Art and Design is one of my nieces favorites. Thanks for the heads
up!! Thomas III, He is one of the greats of our time!

Karen, thank you for sharing both your “discovery” and thoughts on
Daniel Brush’s artistry. I had not previously heard of him, but like
you, am nowmesmerized by his work. Wow, indeed! He is, in my mind, to
metals what Dale Chihuly is to glass. Wish I was able to get up to
NYC to see hisexhibition in person. In the interim, I’ll look check
out the library for books on his works.

Thank you, again, for sharing this exhibition.
Linda in central FL

Greetings all,

The show is up until about Valentine’s day (Feb 14).

Go. Two of my students happened to be in NYC. They said it blew them

Brush is one of two jewelers who has ever made my jaw bounce off the
floor, when I saw his show at the Renwick ?15? years ago. If you’re
anywhere near. Go.

It should tell you something that Lee and I are thinking about
flying out from San Francisco to New York to see this.



I consider myself extremely fortunate to have the honor of being the
maker of the power saws that Daniel Brush used in making the movable
butterfly wings. In a conversation with him, he said that the reason
that he used 400 series stainless steel was because of the magnetic
properties that allowed him to arrange the elements as he so chose. I
am hoping for a break that will allow me to get to NY before the
exhibition is done. I had planned to go after a conference in
Cincinnati, but Sandy roared into the area and all travel plans got
re-arranged. Lee (the saw guy)

Thanks for sharing, I saw an article several months ago in the NY
Times. He gives his work, tons of thinking, researching and mastering
skills–it’s a passion and he’s always exploring.