[Exhibition][MI] Art of Gold

I have been planning to drive to Midland, MI, to see the exhibit,
“The Art of Gold”, which is open now or soon. In looking for info
about it on line just now, I found very little. The center that is
showing it doesn’t even feature it on their website. This suggests to
me that it isn’t a big deal, so now I’m questioning a 6-or-so-hour
drive each way. Who has seen this exhibit? Is it worth such a trip?



I saw The Art of Gold last year in Charlotte, NC. It is a wonderful
exhibit, well worth the trip. I’m surprised that they haven’t
publicized it more as it was organized and circulated by SNAG. See
it if you can.


Joel Schwalb

Hi Noel,

If you search the archives for “art of gold” (using quotation
marks), you will find several enthusiastic posts about this show,
including mine. If you search Google the same way, you will find
some images from other museums that have hosted the show. Whether
it’s worth it may depend upon how much you hate to drive. I took
the train, and it was worth every minute.

Lisa Orlando
Aphrodite’s Ornaments